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What an absolute gem! The perfect summer book for readers or non-readers alike, this gorgeous memoir will have you crying with laughter one minute and wiping away tears the next. Each story is as enchanting as the one that came before it, and you really come to understand the key theme of the importance of family and friends. You truly feel like you know the author by the end of the book. Loved it! Can’t wait to read again


Raw, emotional, compelling and full of strength. The story of three siblings and their ultimate love for their Mum and to better their lives. A “can’t put me down” read. Absolutely loved it.


What a great book to round out a crazy year! The book tells the tale of a tall girl growing up and finding herself (spoiler- she’s still tall) I laughed out loud, cried and felt like I was there to experience all the important and magical moments that make up this memoir and her extremely full life. From first loves to friends to heartbreak, I couldn't put it down. Recommended for anyone who loves a good story and a great laugh.


What a delightful little read! The book is raw, and honest that you can feel the emotions as you’re reading. I couldn’t put it down!

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